Creative Décor Ideas for the High Humidity Rooms

Creative Décor Ideas for the High Humidity Rooms

Sometimes the layout of the home can make it difficult to decorate, could be the placement of the window or the doors, and this is when it becomes necessary to seek help from the interior designers. The thing is no matter the layout of your home there is always a design that will work and make the living space feel lively. So let us begin with some of the hardest places to decorate like the bathroom, I mean what could you possibly do to your bathroom to make it look better than it already does apart from adding mirrors.

The bathroom and kitchen are high humidity areas and experience traffic in specific times of the day, so while you will be utilizing these rooms for less than 30 minutes, a little TLC could actually make the 20 minutes worth your while. The most common décor ideas for the bathroom, therefore, is using different color tiles, and the use of scented candles in the evening; some people even put flowers in these areas just to enhance the overall look.

Canvas Décor ideas for the kitchen and the Bathroom

Canvas prints can also be used to spruce up your bathroom and all you have to do is ensure that moisture doesn’t stay trapped in the room after use. For the above to be successful invest in an exhaust fan, and keep your windows open for the longest time possible until all the moisture in the air has escaped and the environment is cool.

Another mistake that you are likely to make when incorporating artwork in your bathroom is using glass on top of your artwork in the name of protecting it. If you mistakenly do the above then within no time you will notice moisture accumulation under the glass, which will consequently stain your piece of art. So if you are thinking of putting canvas prints in your bathroom desist from framing them with glass better you use the wood frames.

There arise situations where the pieces of canvas print art will require glazing and since you are hell-bent on having this piece on your bathroom wall just use acrylic because it permits air to flow through it without breaking.

Kitchen art is not just there to enhance the look of your kitchen but also to excite your mind to come up with new recipe ideas and to increase appetite. So if you are going to do canvas then you should settle with red, orange and yellow colors, neon has also been established to awaken the mind thus encourage you to come up with new recipe ideas.

You can also invest in canvas prints that have utilized the red color as it helps activate the appetite and that is why it has been widely adopted in restaurants on the menus, tablecloths, and napkins. Yellow not only stimulates the appetite but is a color known to exude happiness and can come in handy after busting your brain cells trying to make a perfect meal out of the new youtube recipe.

Canvas Kitchen art don’ts

Don’t put artwork directly above the stove or close to the coffee makers because the steam will do a number on them. We understand that you might be a little overprotective over these pieces of canvas print art but don’t hang it too high rather put it where you would have your window. Lastly, instead of the images of people on the canvas, you can incorporate images of flowers and food.