The brilliant ideas you need to create a spa-like bathroom

The brilliant ideas you need to create a spa-like bathroom

Do you spend time in a spa trying to unwind? Save yourself extra costs by creating a spa bathroom in your home. You can bring all the spa amenities in your bathroom and achieve a similar effect. For you to make your bathroom look more relaxing and inviting, consider remodelling using natural textures and deep colours.

Most of the spas are keen on aesthetics, and they make use of natural stone walls to achieve this. You can incorporate deep wood colouring in your bathroom to boost its appeal. Apart from stone, materials such as brick are also known to add dimension to your bathroom.

Also, consider adding some zen-like elements like potted plants to create a natural-looking serenity. A palm tree on one corner of your bathroom can bring it to life. Be keen on the colours that you use in your bathroom. Instead of using bright colour schemes, go for dark and muted colours to bring out a laid back feeling in your relaxation spot.

Your tub area should also be separate from the rest of the bathroom space. Consider placing it in an arched area. If you have a divider such as a literal wall, you can put the divider behind it. Though some of the bathrooms do not have dividers, you can still get a temporary one that features an oriental design. Separating the tub from the rest of the area gives you space where you can relax without staring at the toilet the entire time. It helps your bathroom feel more like a spa.

The type of tub you choose is also essential. If you want to recreate the hot tub feel in your bathroom, you should invest in a Jacuzzi tub. This also allows you to add things that you may need for your spa moments, such as soaps and essential oils. The bubbling water in the tub can disperse natural scents to help you relax. Jacuzzi tubs also generate some steam that enables you to get a facial from the comfort of your bathroom.

Include some artsy elements in your bathroom. Just like spas, you should invest in some unique décor to enjoy a similar feel. For instance, consider adding leaf-shaped bowls in your bathroom. Replace your conventional mirror above the bathroom sink with a geometric one. You can also add some small rubber plants on the sink area to give it an exotic look. Some people also make their spa-bathroom cosier by adding a small fireplace.

Most of the spas make use of candles to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you are thinking of the same idea, get alcoves to protect your candles from the water in your bathroom. You can also use an alcove to hold other items such as incense or reed diffusers. Creating a spa bathroom is easy as long as you have a considerable amount of space. Find out more ideas on how to achieve this from HK home journal.